Vacuum suction cups

"Vacuum handling offers unprecedented opportunities!"

Suction cups and lifting beams

Nimatech offers a wide range of vacuum suction cups that enable handling of various objects such as road plates, crash barriers and many other items. The suction cups can be mounted on a different frames and lifting beams for different application possibilities.

Attached to a lifting beam

1. Dimensions: 40×80 cm – Max lifting capacity: 1150 kg

2. Dimensions: 45×100 cm – Max lifting capacity: 1700 kg

Directly attached to a vacuum unit

Can be connected to a lifting beam with an additional adapter.

3. Dimensions: Ø 55 cm – Max lifting capacity: 1060 kg

4. Dimensions: 70×90 cm – Max lifting capacity: 2540 kg

5. Dimensions: 80×100 cm – Max lifting capacity: 3310 kg

With handlebar and chain or hoisting cable connector.

6. Dimensions: 28×28 cm – Max lifting capacity: 310 kg

7. Dimensions: 40×40 cm – Max lifting capacity: 685 kg

8. Dimensions: 30×60 cm – Max lifting capacity: 770 kg

9. Dimensions: 10×90 cm – Max lifting capacity: 305 kg

Lifting beams

To lift up very large objects, multiple suction cups might be required. Nimatech also provides lifting beams for this purpose. All Nimatech lifting beams are fitted with two 25mm pins to connect the suction cups. The mechanically adjustable lifting beams have integrated mounting points to install a Nimatech vacuum control unit and a lifting eye. The maximum lifting capacity of each adjustable beam is 4000 kg and 3000 kg when extended. The smallest beam has a maximum capacity of 3000 kg.

1. NT-EVS5-3T, Width: fully adjustable 240 – 400 cm

2. NT-EVS3-3T, Width: 240 cm, 325 cm, 410 cm

3. NT-EVS1-3T, Width: 106 cm, 172 cm, 210 cm

4. NT-EVB1-3T, Width: 100 cm

Adapter plate

This adapter plate enables the use of suction cups equipped with a vacuum unit connector with the lifting beam. Furthermore lifting beam suction plates can be connected to the vacuum control unit with this adapter.


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