Hunklinger paver laying clamp

Mechanical paver laying with the best hydraulic installation clamp available on the market.
Mechanical paving

Hydraulic paver laying clamp

Hunklinger hydraulic equipment enables you to install almost every type of paver or tile, simply using your excavator or loader. The pavers or tiles are firmly clamped from four sides, which enables smooth and precise installation in every desired pattern.
”Once you choose Hunklinger, you will never want anything else for mechanical paver laying!”

For every type of paver and pattern

There is no limit to your possibilities with a Hunklinger paver laying clamp. With the wide range of available adapters you can install almost every paver in any desired pattern.

Every clamp comes with two different adapters that enable you to install concrete pavers in herringbone pattern and 15cm running bond. Other adapters can be ordered separately.

Powerful clamping

The Hunklinger hydraulic side-clamping system ensures safe and powerful clamping under all conditions. You can install pavers directly adjacent to walls or previously installed pavers. A wide range of adapters enables you to install almost every paver in any desired pattern.

Flexible Twist-system

The patented Hunklinger Twist-system ensures safe clamping of every stone, even when the stone package is placed on uneven ground.

Automatic cycle

By activating the hydraulic function this Hunklinger equipment will run an automatic cycle; adjusting, sideways clamping and clamping.

Including toolbox

All necessary tools to adjust this paver laying clamp are supplied in a large toolbox. With sufficient space to also store your adapters.

12,5 years of knowledge and experience

Nimatech has over 12,5 years of experience with Hunklinger paver laying clamps, so please reach out to us with any question you have regarding this product!

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The standard solution for mechanical paver laying is the Hunklinger P-02 paver laying clamp. This hydraulic equipment runs a fully automatic programm that ensures safe and accurate operation. A wide range of different adapters makes this clamp compatible with most pavers and patterns. Shifting different rows of stones is also an option.

Compatible with
Excavators over 3 tonnes and loaders over 1300 kg

Equipment weight
265 kg

Oil pressure
min. 150 bar, max. 200 bar


Forlighter excavators and loaders we offer a very compact paver laying clamp. This equipment is significantly lighter than the P-02 Profi, but shares many of its unique features. Just like the P-02, the P-12 is widely deployable and suitable for most pavers and tiles.

Compatible with
Excavators over 2 tonnes and loaders over 900 kg

Equipment weight
225 kg

Oil pressure
min. 150 bar, max. 200 bar

  • Adapters
    • 45° herringbone pattern; most rectangular pavers in various dimensions (5, 7 and 10 cm width), including Linge® size.
    • Stretcher bond; most standard concrete pavers including 10 and 7 cm width.
    • 90° herringbone pattern; most rectangular pavers in various dimensions (5, 7 and 10 cm width), including Linge® size.
    • Shifting stones into stretcher bond; 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30cm
    • Hexagon pavers
  • Lifting jibs: available for all types of loaders.
  • Quick coupler with swing damper
  • Torque wrenches
  • Quick coupler support


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