A mechanical clamp to place sewer pipes from DN 300 to DN 1250. Picking up, placing and pressing with the same tool.

Sewer pipe installation

This ingenious clamp operates without hydraulics and is simply connected to the excavator quick coupler. The machine clamps the sewer pipe on the upper end which enables it to press the pipe into the right position.

Mechanical clamp

Using a quick coupler, the clamp can easily be lifted from its optional standard by an excavator. The Pipelifter does not require any hydraulic coupling and works fully mechanic. It simply clamps a pipe at the upper end, enabling the excavator operator to pick up the pipe and manoeuvre it into the right position. With the same clamp the operator can then press the pipe on to the previous one.

  • The safe, simple and fast way to place sewer pipes.
  • Can be used with pipes DN 300 to DN 1250.
  • Tilting up to 30 ° for more flexibility.
  • Requires one less person to mount the pipe.
  • Technical details
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Sewer pipe diameter
DN 300 up to DN 1250

Sewer pipe maximum length
2500 mm

Galvanised, fitted with Hardox steel cutting edge.

Maximum load
3700 kg

Maximum angle
30 degrees

Own weight
600 kg

Optionally available
Forklift transport frame with lifting eyes.

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