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Vacuum engineering and optimal solutions for mechanical paver laying!

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We can supply the optimal paving solution for civil engineering and infrastructure works, using paver laying clamps or vacuum engineering. Paver laying machines are our core business, but we also offer a range of other machines and tools for different purposes. Furthermore we develop and built vacuum equipment to handle a wide range of materials and products.

In our own workshop we also design and create custom made machines to suit every possible need. Based on your requirements and with our hands-on knowledge we can create completely new solutions. We have acquired extensive experience in building customized lifting beams and vacuum control units.

Nimatech also offers rental services, which enables you to enjoy the benefits of our machines without an initial investment. Nimatech also offers rental services, which enables you to enjoy the benefits of our machines without an initial investment. Please contact us for more information or an on-site demonstration.

Service is a very high priority at Nimatech. We always provide you with detailed information and instructions on the most efficient use of our machines, on-site, online or by phone. When purchasing a paver laying clamp you can reach out to us for more on-site explanation free of charge during the first year.

Although we always provide the necessary instructions to adjust you paver laying clamp, we also offer additional training courses to make more people in your company familiar with our equipment. These courses can also be provided on-site for larger groups. Smaller groups or individuals can sign up for the Saturday courses at our office in Zeewolde.

Information portal

Nimatech is a valuable source of information, both for paver installers and manufacturers, but also for contractors and other parties involved in paving. You can access this information through our website, but we also offer theoretical and practical courses at our office in Zeewolde or on-site.

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Account manager

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