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paver laying

For every type of paver and pattern
Nimatech offers a fitting solution

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Hunklinger paver laying clamp

The best paver laying machine for every type of paver and pattern. Operated with a shovel or crane.
Hunklinger paver laying clamp

Nimatech vacuum engineering

Our vacuum lifting equipment offers unprecedented opportunities. From machine paving to safely lifting multiple tonne objects.
Vacuum engineering

Suction plates and lifting beams

Nimatech offers a wide range of suction plates for every situation and lifting beams that can fit multiple suction plates.
Suction plates

In-house manufacturing and design

All the equipment using vacuum technology is designed and manufactured by Nimatech. With our hands-on knowledge and experience we create user-friendly equipment.

Own workshop

We have extensive knowledge of paver laying machines.
We can also take care of maintainance and inspection in our own workshop.

Maintainance or inspection of your equipment?

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